Teach Yourself Italian

Teach Yourself Italian

  • Lingua in pratica
  • 2021

Teach Yourself Italian in a simple and effective way, even without the help of a teacher. With this course you will be able to learn or review vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation starting from real situations and contexts: saying hello, going shopping, introducing and talking about yourself and your family, booking a hotel room, ordering food and drinks, describing past experiences and future projects, expressing opinions and much more.

  • Utility: dialogues to read and listen to in order to learn the Italian used in real situations
  • Effectiveness: even if you have a few minutes, you can always learn something thanks to short paragraphs immediately followed by over 300 exercises
  • Motivation: it’s easy to measure your progress with self-tests at the end of each unit
  • Simplicity: the grammar explanations are clear and full of examples
  • Readability: the graphics are easy to read, with thematic boxes and plentiful illustrations
  • Audio: 120 minutes of dialogues and exercises to be listened to in Mp3 format

The course starts from the basic principles of the language and reaches the intermediate level (A1-B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference).

Per ascoltare gli audio del corso, scarica sul tuo smartphone l’app GUARDA! o vai su https://dizionaripiu.zanichelli.it/libri-e-app/proposte/lingua-in-pratica/

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