Introduction to Medical Physics
Alessandro Bacchetta Domenico Scannicchio

Introduction to Medical Physics

  • Casa Editrice Ambrosiana. Distribuzione esclusiva Zanichelli
  • 2023

Introduction to Medical Physics has been designed with an emphasis on the importance of Physics concepts in Medicine and the following objectives in mind:

  • demonstrating how the principles of Physics can be applied to explain certain phenomena occurring in the human body;
  • describing the physical principles that underpin modern medical instrumentation for diagnostic as well as therapeutic purposes;
  • serving as a valuable reference for students pursuing other biomedical courses.

The book topics include biomechanics, the circulatory system, thermodynamics of biological systems, diffusion through biological membranes, electrical signal development and propagation, sound waves and electromagnetic radiation, with their applications in diagnostics and therapy. In addition to several sections dedicated to biomedical applications, each chapter includes Math Insets, which specifically introduce mathematical concepts and tools, including derivatives and integrals. Each chapter contains several examples and problems.


Alessandro Bacchetta is Full Professor of Theoretical Physics at the Department of Physics of the University of Pavia (Italy). His research activity focuses on exploring the internal structure of the proton.

Domenico Scannicchio has been Full Professor of Medical Physics at the Medicine and Surgery Faculty of the University of Pavia (Italy) for over 40 years. His research activity has focused on experimental Particle Physics and Radiobiology.

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