Inni dell'Atharva-Veda Fuori commercio
Valentino Papesso

Inni dell'Atharva-Veda

  • 1933
  • Note: In 16°, pp. XVI-208. In testa al frontespizio: Religioni dell'India. Vedismo e Brahmanesimo. Edizione rilegata e in brossura. "To be welcomed as filling a gap which exists in semi-popular literature and thus making the complex but interesting field of Atharvan religion and philosophy accessible to larger circles. The printing is very tastefully done and the price quite moderate.": G. V. BOBRINSKOY, «The journal of Religion», 1933, 484. "A decidedly useful production. - The selection is sound. - The author shows skill and learning in disengaging the principles of magic.": E. H. JOHNSTON, «The journal of the R. Asiatic Society», 1934, 830.