Cobuild Intermediate Learner's Dictionary

Cobuild Intermediate Learner's Dictionary

  • 2016

COBUILD Intermediate Learner’s Dictionary 3rd edition
For intermediate learners of English

You can trust Collins COBUILD
All of our explanations, examples and special features are based on our 4.5-billion-word database of the English language, the Collins Corpus, which means you can trust COBUILD to help you speak and write accurate and up-to-date English. The corpus is updated every month and has been at the heart of Collins COBUILD for over 25 years.

Use English with confidence
• All words are explained in full sentences, which help you to understand what words mean and how to use them
• Authentic examples of real-life English from the Collins Corpus

Expand your vocabulary
• The most important words are highlighted, showing which words to learn first
• Hundreds of illustrations and thousands of synonyms, antonyms, collocations and related words
• Visual thesaurus shows alternatives for the 50 most-overused words in English

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