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Richard A Spears

American Idioms

Dictionary of Everyday Expression of Contemporary American English

  • 1988
  • Note: Oltre 8000 espressioni idiomatiche

The most functional dictionary of its kind, American ldioms, by Richard A. Spears, includes more than 8.000 idiomatic expressions of contemporary American English.
Unlike other idiom dictionaries, American ldioms contains an exceptionally comprehensive Phrase-Finder Index, which allows you to look up a key word in an expression and find the exact location of that expression in the main body of the dictionary. This unique feature allows you to identify and locate partially remembered expressions quickly and easily.
Among the other special features of American Idioms are the following:

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  • Slang, clichés, proverbs, folksy, formal, and informal expressions are included and identified accordingly
  • Each entry has at least two example sentences illustrating how expressions are used in context in natural American English
  • Entries are cross-referenced to other idioms in the dictionary related in form and meaning
  • Different meanings are provided for expressions that very depending on their direct object, e.g., "get hold of someone", "get hold of something"

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Pagine 460 - ISBN 9788808020000 - 160x250 - 1988